While spending my last quarter of college in Lacoste France, I have been continuing a three part series here titled “False Awakenings”. The first part of this series is titled “Ghosts on Rebel Farm” and the second part of the series is titled “Past Lives and Untold Stories”. While the other two parts of the project used a model stand in, this part of the project consists of eighteen self portraits that I have taken over the course of the quarter.

These images are dreamlike scenes that show my progression and journey to closing a huge chapter in my life. The definition of a False Awakening is a vivid convincing dream of waking from sleep, but in reality the dreamer continues to sleep.

Spending time here in Lacoste feels like I have been moseying through a dream and I am just waiting to wake up back in the United States. The surreal feeling the images convey reflect my experience this quarter.

These self portraits were possible because of the help of Jadyn Coolidge and Emma Holzner, both fellow classmates of mine, who took the time to help collaborate on some of my images this quarter, Thank you both.

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